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PICK UP YOUR GUITAR AND TALK TO ME: communicating through music

Posted by Larry Peter on November 03, 2017

Remember that glorious day when you discovered that a well-placed rest could be just as beautiful as a stream of sixteenth-note triplets?  (If you haven’t reached that transcendental moment yet, do it soon! Your audience will appreciate it, and your bandmates will throw a party in your honor.)

The idea for this blog originated from a series of videos my son sent me of several young metal guitarists displaying some amazing speed and dexterity.  I saw some incredible shredding, arpeggios, tapping – playing far beyond my abilities.  I surprised my son when I told him I had a lot of admiration for their skills, but I had no further desire to listen to them.  They weren’t speaking to me.  It was as if someone was screaming “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious,” in my ear over and over.  I could appreciate their abilities as musical athletes, but they weren’t communicating with me.  I thought I understood why (I blamed lack of phrasing skills), but it wasn’t until I wrote this blog that I came to a real understanding of my reaction.

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Rhythm, phrasing, connecting with music

what is the right age for music lessons?

Posted by Ed Sein on October 26, 2017

I’m often asked “When is the right age to begin music lessons?” by parents of young children. Of course, every child is different with their own gifts and temperaments, so there is no definitive answer to this question. As long as they’re able to physically support themselves and the instrument safely without falling over and hurting themselves is one way to determine if they’re ready. Another consideration is one that applies not only to children, but many adults as well. I’m referring to acquired skills, often introduced in pre-K, of basically staying put and minding the adult in the room. Skills like listening to instruction, sustained focused attention, familiarity with the experience of being confronted with knowledge that is unfamiliar and the ability to absorb and contextualize new information and experience. Basically, learning how to learn; these abilities are not universally present in adults so it bears mentioning again that it is, indeed, an acquired skill that is honed and developed over time with varying degrees of proficiency.

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music lessons, adult music lessons, child music lessons

Moore Music named NAMM Top 100 Dealer

Posted by Amy Watson on October 26, 2017

Evansville’s Moore Music Recognized as One of the Top 100 Music Stores in the World

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Summer NAMM, Top 100 Dealer


Posted by Ed Sein on October 05, 2017

A totally subjective and unscientific observation has given me some hope for music and the latest generation of guitar players that come through the doors of Moore Music. Because of my work, I’ve had years and years of experience hearing what people play when they pick up a guitar for a test drive. It seems it wasn’t that long ago I was concerned over a lack of tasty licks, or clear expressions of inspiration from examples of high-level musicianship by young guitar players. When I was a kid I remember my friends and I talking about “shop licks” because we were young and self-conscious enough to care about what other people thought about our level of skill on the guitar. Also, we were prepared for the opportunity to play on a guitar, amp, or pedal that we pined for, not wanting to waste the opportunity when the nerve was worked up to try something out. Recently, there just seems to be a lot of good, young players and I’m really stoked about it!

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Pick Up Your Guitar and Play

Posted by Jon Snyder on September 15, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s a rainy September afternoon and I could not be more excited! Fall is finally coming! The kids have been in school for about a month and and we have had a huge “fall surge” in student numbers. Every fall, as students get back into a regular schedule, we see a big number of students returning to their private lessons, as well as a large number of new students. And, as is typically the case, we teachers start hearing that old question; how long will it take before I get good?

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Posted by Ed Sein on September 15, 2017

“So, what’s the music scene like in your town?” Sometimes, this is as much a question as it is a challenge depending on who you ask. Everyone has an opinion. Within the same musical community, you can get widely divergent responses to this question. A “music scene” can be defined in many different ways, from the number of venues available to perform, to the willingness of people to forgo wine and Netflix and venture forth into the night. The other half of the equation is, of course, the talent pool and number of bands that are show-ready and able to go out and lay their thing down. How deep is the bullpen of those who can front a band? What’s the ratio of guitar players to bass players and drummers? Are all the things lining up required to sustain and nurture a music scene in your town?

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The New Music Industry

Posted by Ed Sein on September 01, 2017

Music and art have long been easy targets of school curricula in an effort to maximize ever more limited resources, leaving it up to parents to fill the void. Music programs are increasingly an integral part of successful musical instrument retail business models and private music instruction is the part of the industry that is seeing growth today.

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music lessons


Posted by Jon Snyder on August 19, 2017


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Playing with "Integrity"

Posted by Larry Peter on August 09, 2017


Larry Peter, present day                                   Larry Peter (far right), 1981 with bandmates from "Export"

I’m middle-aged.  I can say that because I plan on living to 116.

With each passing year it becomes clearer that I will never be the player I once aspired to be.  I’ll never have the finger-independence for the rapid jazz chord progressions I wish I could play.  I never developed a hybrid picking style.  I’m marginal at best as a rhythm player.  I still hate the first position F chord!  I’m an old-school rocker with a decent solo vocabulary and not much more than that.  So, what’s next for this 58 year-old guitar player?  Throw in the towel, put all my gear on ebay and hit the anti-depressants?

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More Than Four Walls and a Roof

Posted by Ed Sein on August 03, 2017

For all of our friends and customers outside Moore Music’s immediate area who couldn’t be here, our Grand Opening at our new location last week was a smashing success! If our relocation a few miles down the road is news to you, let me briefly fill you in. Moore Music acquired another locally owned independent music store, Opus 1, in April of this year. Long-time Opus 1 owner, Cathy Buxton, was ready to retire, Moore Music needed room to continue growing, and a more amicable transition could not have taken place. The timing was perfect, both companies came in on the “1” and the band was tight, tight, tight! Both Opus 1 and Moore Music customers have a new place to call home and after the remodel, the new showroom is nothing short of amazing!          

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